Silicon Bronze

Silicon bronze, an alloy of mostly copper and tin, contains a small amount of silicon, making it a perfect choice for marine environments. Many in the marine industry prefer silicon bronze fasteners over stainless or other metals because of its superior resistance to corrosion and its strength and durability. Though bronze has a higher cost than some comparative metals, silicon bronze nuts and bolts are reliable and durable.

One of the best benefits to using silicon bronze fasteners is its corrosion resistance. Brine, sulphite solutions, and gases do not cause silicon bronze nuts and bolts to corrode or otherwise deteriorate. Because it is an alloy of superior strength that stands up to extreme conditions, silicon bronze is often chosen over stainless steel or other materials that simply won’t make the grade. For this reason, silicon bronze is commonly found in commercial applications, especially in marine industries and sewage disposal.

  • Silicon Bronze 651 Comp.

    98.5% Copper
    99.5% Copper +
    Named Elements
    1.5% Silicon
    Low-Silicon Bronze B;
    Cu (incl. Ag)

  • 651 Composition Limits

    Remainder Copper
    99.5% min Copper +
    Named Elements
    1.5% max Zinc
    .8-2.0% max Silicon
    0.8% max Iron
    0.7% max Manganese
    0.05% max Lead

  • Specifications

    ASTM B96
    ASTM B99
    ASTM B250

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