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A Hex Head Cap Screw has a six-sided fastener head and is known as a Hex Cap Screw or Hex Bolt. One method to recognize a Hex Cap Screw is by the washer face under the head. Hex Cap Screws are one of the most common fasteners used today.

Products listed are Material Specification 2024-T4

Aluminum, and Aluminum alloys, make some of the most versatile, economical, and attractive metallic materials for a broad range of uses. From soft, highly ductile wrapping foil to the most demanding engineering applications. Aluminum alloys are alloys in which Aluminum (Al) is the predominant metal. The typical alloying elements are copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon, tin and zinc. There are two principal classifications, namely casting alloys and wrought alloys, both of which are further subdivided into the categories heat-treatable and non-heat-treatable. Appropriately alloyed and treated, Aluminum can resist corrosion by water, salt, and other environmental factors, and a wide range of other chemical and physical agents.

  • 2024-T4, 6061-T6, 6262-T9, and 7075-T73 are most commonly used to make aluminum threaded fasteners.

Standard Thread Length - Lengths up to 6 inches 2 X Diameter + ¼” Lengths over 6 inches 2 X Diameter + ½”